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Dr. Bernice Goll

Optometrist located in Huntingdon Valley, PA & Jenkintown, PA

About Dr. Goll

“My main responsibility at work is taking good care of patients. For me this means; having open lines of communication, paying attention to the details and taking into account a patient's total picture. The eye is the window to the body as well as the soul. With that in mind, it would not be uncommon for me to discuss nutrition, exercise and stress management if this is appropriate to the patient's ocular and systemic condition.”

Dr. Goll obtained her professional education at Pennsylvania College of Optometry, now known as Salus University. She has practiced in the Philadelphia and Montgomery County area in association with ophthalmology for 30 years. Her optometric practice interests include: primary and routine eye care, glaucoma, dry eye, eyelid disease, contact lenses and low vision.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking care of her home and garden, and making photographs.